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Intentional input is the foundation to creating effective output.

chaseadams.io is my outlet for sharing my growth journey, where I write about pursuing intentional growth personally, professionally and technically.

I share what I consider my “intentional input” that has allowed me to create room for effective/exceptional output.

The main maxim I follow in life is this:

“intentional input yields exceptional output”.

The great thing about this maxim is that it’s simply two components: input and output. IO.

I started my journey by creating a eulogy, a story of how I want to be remembered (part of “Beginning with the End In Mind” from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People).

For the most part, your “how you want to be remembered” will be immutable. It becomes the lighthouse on the shore that you steer your ship towards.

Once I knew how I wanted to be remembered, I made it my goal to constantly be striving to grow towards it (the input). This concept of “intentional input” is the overarching theme of chaseadams.io.

Overtime, I hope that I’ll continually hone in on frameworks and paradigms that help me and, hopefully, help you, so that, together, we’re growing towards the best versions of ourselves.

My intention is that, in my pursuit of becoming the best version of myself and sharing what works for me, I help you become the best version of yourself.

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Created: June 21, 2013